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Steve Edwardes

Crime Writer


About Steve Edwardes

Born in the Blackpool of the South (Weymouth) in 1964, Steve Edwardes was almost immediately transplanted to, and educated in, Bournemouth, on Dorset's sunny coast. After being sent to a small church Primary School, he narrowly missed out on Grammar School (i.e. he failed the 11+) and then attended a school so good, that its one-time claim to fame was that it had supplied more people to Dorset's prisons than any other. It was later deemed by the Local Education Authority that the school would better serve the community as a car park, so it was razed to the

ground. This didn’t put Steve off though and to this day, he has an abiding love of both prisons and car parks…


The RAF was the only employer worth considering after such an estimable education, so Steve joined up and set about enthusiastically drinking vast quantities of poor quality beer at many of the UKs RAF bases and local pubs. Having exhausted the entertainment possibilities of this after nine years, he embarked upon a career in property sales, just before a major crash in the market. The need to replenish his shirt collection, along with a desire to establish a path in life led him to a stint in Bristol at college and university, after which he travelled the world working within the medical industry.


During this time, he qualified as a pilot and took up SCUBA diving, skiing and other ridiculously expensive pursuits. Not being able to afford most of these, he started writing. Steve has always been interested in Crime Fiction, being inspired by such luminaries within the genre as Ian Rankin, Mark Billingham, Mark Dawson, Peter James, Angela Marsons, PD James et al. He has been fortunate enough to live in many countries, but has recently returned to South-West England, where he is writing, cooking, playing the guitar and occasionally indulging his passion for great red wine and unusual cocktails.

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Steve Edwardes

January, 2022


Heading 4


Interesting storyline from the past poses a real present day threat for DI Fairgreaves and his team to resolve. A fast paced plot with interesting characters, it’s a quirky tale interlaced with suspense and murder. It’s well written and researched making it a compelling read for any fans of the crime fiction genre. A great debut from a very exciting new author.

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